Macau Valley
Construction update

In the pursuit of a seamlessly integrated urban landscape, a transformative intervention is underway, meticulously crafted to positively weave into the fabric of the city. Macau Valley delves into a visionary building project designed with careful consideration for its impact on the cityscape, neighbors, and the unique hilly topography. Embracing sustainable principles, the structure aligns with city guidelines while prioritizing environmental harmony, maximizing solar gains, and fostering community well-being.

Embarking on the envisioned journey, our transformative building intervention is transitioning from concept to reality, guided by a focus on positive urban integration. Adhering to city guidelines and optimizing saleable area through an east/south orientation, construction unfolds with tangible manifestations of thoughtful design—showcasing terraces, green roofs, and a commitment to harnessing natural elements for a sustainable and harmonious urban existence.

The bottom two levels, dedicated to parking and storage, are strategically placed to minimize ground disturbance and utilize natural ventilation, reducing the reliance on mechanical systems. This ongoing construction not only emphasizes the project's dedication to sustainable practices but also highlights its role as a catalyst for positive urban transformation, envisioning a future where architecture harmoniously blends with nature and community.

Currently under construction, this pioneering project is set to be finalized in 2024, marking the culmination of our collective efforts to shape a harmonious and sustainable urban environment.

February 05, 2024
André Sanches Pinto