Affordable Housing São Ciro

Lisbon, Portugal
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Here is our proposal for the affordable housing blocks in the heart of Lisbon. Located next to the Basilica da Estrela, the urban arrangement brings back a historical relationship with the religious setup of buildings while creating lavishing parks and outdoor areas. The project was designed with maximum attention to the living quality of the apartments, especially in an era where the city lacks housing supply, and prices are skyrocketing. Moreover, the residential metrics were refined to allow passive solutions to shine, offering energy–efficient units to the new tenants. The building depth is shortened, which provides excellent cross ventilation to the apartments and access to daylight. By strategically positioning and dimensioning windows – facing northeast or southwest – we harness the power of sunlight and generate solar gains. This reduces energy consumption and fosters a connection with the outdoor environment. Small operations make a big difference in your monthly energy bill. The roofscape multiples the terrace and garden areas, mimicking the old ceramic roofs of the city center. We reuse a considerable part of the existing building materials to incorporate into the new design, such as the roof tiles. Additionally, local stone (Lioz) is used for the baseboard, as the main facades are covered in biobased lime plaster.