Hotel Barra Grande

Bahia, Brazil
On going
Located in the beautiful region of Barra Grande in Bahia, Brazil, this architectural gem embraces the unique characteristics of the Northeast's humid and warm climate. With careful consideration of the local weather, the building's approach and geometry are meticulously designed. Comprising 22 units, the hotel features a cascading form that converges towards a central oasis—a refreshing swimming pool. The carefully crafted geometry of the building maximizes shade and, combined with the water surface, provides a natural cooling effect. The swimming pool extends itself outside the building geometry towards an inviting sundeck. The building is gently lifted from the ground, allowing cooling airflow beneath the structure. Additionally, a thoughtfully designed roof garden and terrace, adorned with shades, ensure guests remain cool and protected from overheating while providing an idyllic setting for relaxation. Utilizing locally sourced materials, resources, and vegetation, the project reflects the essence of its surroundings. Clay walls and finishes exude an earthy charm, while timber prefabricated structures and frames showcase the region's craftsmanship. Wooden shades are used as sun protection for the windows and roof pergolas.