La Vida Después

Logroño, Spain
Urban Installation
In a pandemic context such as the one we are still living in, we have suddenly been forced to rethink our way of living, the relationship with our being, with the community and with the external agents that make up the different societies, the world and its nature. The proposal for the Concéntrico festival, at the Rioja Museum’s patio, addresses this issue. Especially concerning how we are inviting people to live in our cities again, responsibly and deliberately. More and more we need to pay attention to how the outdoor spaces and gardens that are part of the urban fabric are designed and planned. On the other hand, La Vida Después represents an in loco rehearsal of recycling and circularity that certain human interventions must follow. Starting from the maximum utilization of all the components and materials used, these will take the form of a pavilion and public space during the festival but will return to their industries, shops and carpentries at the end of the 2021 edition of Concéntrico. Consequently, the plants and pots that make up the green interior of the installation will be offered to citizens, who will be able to take them home and continue the festival’s legacy. Because ours, as architects, should be null or close to being: leaving nature as the main actor.