Azores Market

Vila Franca, Azores, Portugal
Competition entry
The condition in which we live today requires a conscious and conducive approach to a more sustainable world, betting on the rationalization of resources, the management of its endogenous materials and the environmental impact that these and others bring to the dialogue with the urban setting. This study foresees the development of a structure that communicates with the current image of the market and its natural elements, without changing its essence. The proposal is based on a modular system of panels, composed of linear timber profiles and a recycled polycarbonate skin, allowing daylight to enter and still perceive the existence of the canopy of large trees. The overlapping of the different horizontal planes, each with different heights, lets the air penetrate and circulate inside the market, as it facilitates easy connections between each element. Here, the analogy with fish scales is evident, which, like human skin, creates a filter and protection against external agents, but ensures your breathing. Using local timber and involving the famous craftsmanship of the islands, the solution was thought to be extended to the outer market space, creating simple structures for weekend fairs and farmers markets. These can be easily assembled and set up, disassembled, stored and reassembled again.